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6 Week Couples Skills Group

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This group uses presentations and activities based on the Gottman Method to help strengthen your relationship. The insights gained and tools you will take home are researched to help strengthen strong relationships as well as bring understanding of your relationship and foster repair for distress relationships. You can expect to walk away with new insights and research-based skills that can improve intimacy, friendship, and trust. In addition,  you will learn ways manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. 

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Who should attend?

  • All couples in committed relationships

Topics Covered:

  • Learn to recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what to do if they are attacking your marriage
  • Identify your relationship’s specific strengths and how to build on them together
  • Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution
  • Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress
  • Develop your problem-solving skills, including the six skills for effective conflict resolutions
  • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew, respect, and care for one another
  • "I love working somewhere where I am valued as a person and for my strengths. I love working with likeminded people that work to see the company grow and that also want each other to grow. Dr. Agnew help fosters the dreams of the people that work at AFBHS. The compassionate culture is something that drew me in."

    -Danie Duron, MA, LPC, Lakeshore Clinical Director

    "I love the balance of owning my own private practice, with the benefits of also being part of a collaborative team. We get to socialize, learn from, and brainstorm with a team of therapists who each bring something special to the table. Since this is an established practice, the details of billing, paperwork and finding referral sources are things I don’t need to worry about. Our support staff is wonderful. This is a black-owned, racially diverse therapy practice that meets the needs of our diverse clientele, which is immensely important in a diverse world. I love that AFBHS is an antiracist private practice. Lastly, this is a practice where we are invested in seeing each therapist grow a sustainable practice. In our meetings, we talk about what makes this work sustainable, we check in with one another, and we support one another. I have worked in a number of other practices over my career and have found that this is one of the most emotionally healthy places I have ever worked. I love it here. I think you might too." -Eric Nykamp, LMSW