If Your Relationship Is Important To You, Invest In Couples Communication Skills

When you have a relationship and it is important to you, you realize you must invest in it.  When relationships are not maintained, they dissolve. Wether that relationship is in dating, in engagement, or in marriage, communication is important.  Investing now can provide you with years of  returns. Investing in your relationship is no different from hobbies, houses, cars, education, vacations, or stock portfolios.  At Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services, relationships are important.  The therapeutic relationship is important, and clients' relationships with friends and family are important as we are all a part of some type of unit rather than just an individual alone on an island.  Nurturing relationships is important if you want them to grow and provide mutual satisfaction.  That is why Couples Communication Skills group is an important component of couples and marriage counseling. Dating? Give your relationship a chance with effective communication skills. Engaged? Learn practical conflict resolution skills before you say I do. Married? Increase emotional support and connectedness. Couples Communication Skills Group is October 3 - November 7, 2012, Wednesdays 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM.   Register online or learn more at www.ValenciaAgnew.com.  Investing six hours now in your relationship can have a lasting impact.  Learn more about the benefits>> Healthy relationships have effective communication skills in common.  Take some time out of your week and invest one hour in your relationship.


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