Internships - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (Available Starting January 2025)

Internships are available for masters and doctorate level students for 2 semesters (6 months). Please send your cover letter, resume, and school requirements to [email protected]. In the subject line include “Internship.” No calls, please. With your school requirements, include the hours you are looking for, the level of supervision that is required, as it varies from program to program, and the dates you expect to start and end interning. We DO NOT offer bridging hours or practicum. Note: Most internships for a particular semester are filled 6 months to a year prior to that semester, meaning that if you are looking to start in January, interview in July or sooner of the previous year.

Benefits of Interning at AFBHS:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Diverse clientele 
  • Busy caseload 
  • Warm, caring environment 
  • A team of therapist to learn from
  • Multiple levels of supervision and support easily accessible
  • Opportunities to co-facilitate groups
  • Opportunities to shadow therapists
  • Administrative team support
  • Potential for hire as an independent contractor. (That means internships can be treated as a 6 month interview process)


“The experience and confidence that I gained while interning at AFBHS has been so invaluable to my growing as a therapist. One thing that I believe is very specific to this internship is the multiculturalism that exists both within the staff and the clientele, which has prepared me to serve a wide range of people confidently. I have no doubt that this internship at AFBHS not only helped me with counseling skills, but also with a wide range of other learning experiences needed to have a career in the counseling field.” Henry, 2020 Counseling and Marriage Family Therapy 

"I had an excellent experience at AFBHS and I received exactly what I hoped I would when I first started. This site offers a variety of client experiences with no shortage of clientele. I worked with children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults from a variety of backgrounds. The supervisory experience, team atmosphere, and the practice’s specialization in DBT services was also wonderful to be a part of. I highly recommend this practice to prospective master’s level interns." Adrian, 2020 Masters Intern