Is What You Wear a Reflection of Your Self Esteem?

Body Image and Self Esteem   [caption id="attachment_990" align="alignright" width="176"] Take the Self Esteem Quiz[/caption] It is probably not a big newsflash to read that girls who are teased about their physical appearance in childhood are negatively impacted as adolescents and adult women.  But did you realize even friendly banter or teasing by parents can impact how girls perceive their bodies into adulthood?  It is also probably not a newsflash to read that there is an association between body image and self esteem with eating disorders, depression, and other forms of psychological distress.  But did you know that females with low self esteem misperceive being overweight double the rate of females with high self esteem.  Oh, and by the way, I should mention that females with high self esteem are more likely to misperceive overweight as normal. [caption id="attachment_993" align="alignleft" width="190"] Take the Body Image Quiz to see what your clothes say about you[/caption] I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would rather need to lose a few pounds and be happy than need to lose no pounds and be miserable. The good news is that it is never too late, or too early for that matter, to work on building self esteem and a positive body image.  Media literacy and self esteem building have had a positive effect in decreasing body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.  Programs that have been interactive (rather than talk therapy alone) with multiple sessions have proven to be most effective in preventing eating disorders.  In addition, having females write about their feelings regarding their body and body parts anonymously was more effective than reading about success stories.  The Self Esteem Using Photography Group is interactive and exciting for both female adolescents and adults.  

Self Esteem Using Photography Group

Mondays, February 4 – March 11, 2013

6pm – 7pm

Cost $50 per week (some insurances accepted)

Healthy self esteem is a balance between - having unrealistically high views of yourself and believing you are superior to everyone else and – focusing on perceived weaknesses. It is feeling good about your abilities, and recognizing your worth, while acknowledging your flaws. Join the Self Esteem Using Photography Group to begin or continue working towards having a positive image about yourself.  The benefits of healthy self esteem include:

  • Assertiveness
  • Being able to ask for what you want or need as well as saying no to things you do not want
  • Being confident in decisions
  • Forming healthy, secure relationships and ditching the unhealthy ones
  • Accepting your flaws without being too critical (we all have things we can better about ourselves)
  • Better able to handle disappointments
  • Less likely to experience feelings such as hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt and shame
  • Less likely to develop some mental health conditions, such as eating disorders, addictions, depression and anxiety

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Self Esteem Using Photography Video


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